Cookies n' Scream Dope Slime

Cookies n' Scream Dope Slime

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Dope Slimes are Made in USA.

Topped with cookies n cream sprinkle mix and a cute Ghost Charm, this black and white dough slime combines to make a Dark Grey colour! It smells exactly like Oreo ice-cream and is so soft!

Size: 1 tub (226 grams / 8oz)

Slime Care:

  • Wash hands before touching
  • Add lotion for softness or stretchiness
  • Add borax activator for stickiness
  • Slime is NOT edible
  • Supervise children at all times
  • Keep away from pets

Safety Warning: Do not purchase if you may have an allergic reaction to these following items: borax, glue, soap, lotion, or scented oils.